Answering Your Private Caregiver Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of information that goes into making critical private caregiver decisions. This list of frequently asked questions provides some additional insights to help you.

Q: What makes OSH different from other agencies?

A: There are many compassionate, skilled caregivers ready to help you, but every OSH employee is truly committed to empowering and enabling you to live life on your terms. We have a rigorous screening process for every caregiver to ensure you receive care from the best of the best. Also, you’ll always talk to a member of our team when you call our offices, never a far-away call center. OSH is here every step of the way. And the person you speak to will always be knowledgeable about you and your specific needs – every employee in our branches can help you. In fact, our branches also make us different. We don’t franchise our branches, they are all part of the OSH family. That means you’ll always have a consistent, well-monitored and exceptional experience with OSH.

Q: Why choose OSH?

A: No one is more dedicated to helping you live life on your own terms than OSH. Our private caregiver team follows the directive of “Do things the right way.” That means you’ll always talk to a person who understands you and your unique needs when you call our office. Our caregivers are the most skilled, compassionate professionals available to help you. Every decision we make is based on your input and preferences — we are here for you, and your involvement every step of the way is critical.

Q: How soon can we receive care from OSH?

A: At OSH, we strive to do things differently than the competition. One key area where we truly stand out is in delivery of care. Your home care services needs are essential, so our internal processes help you find the primary caregiver you need, faster. Our admission process can take as little as 24 hours from the time of initial contact.

Q: How active will we be in selecting our private caregiver?

A: Your input and decisions are essential parts of your care at OSH. We encourage you to be as active as you would like to be in the private caregiver decision-making process. We’ll provide you with a solid range of caregivers to choose from so you can make the best private caregiver choice for your needs. But we can also make recommendations too. Our screening process is extremely thorough — our challenging interviews and background checks are the highest quality assessments. We also verify all credentials and stay up to date on documentation to take away any stress and responsibilities you might incur if you hired a care provider directly.

Q: What happens if our regular caregiver is not available?

A: Sometimes the cold and flu season strikes, or vacation time rolls around. Rest assured that we will send a replacement caregiver for those days — one who has the same skills and qualifications, and who also shares a private caregiver style you’re used to in your home.

Q: Which private caregiver waivers and programs does OSH work with?

A: We work with most state and local Medicaid private caregiver waivers, including Independence, COMMCARE, OBRA, Aging waivers, Attendant Care, and Act 150. We can also help customers who choose to pay privately — we’ll work with you to find the best combination of private caregiver services and cost to meet your needs.

Q: How do I know which private caregiver waiver, if any, I qualify for?

A: We are experts at understanding Medicaid, Medicare and various health insurance plans — if you have a question about which private caregiver waivers you are qualified to receive, call us directly at 1-855-616-2662. We’ll walk you through the process.

Q: How do we pay for our caregiver?

A: OSH handles all the payroll and tax requirements for all caregivers.

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